Accelerometer Orientation

Owen Instrumentation’s Accelerometer Orientation Tool (AOT) is designed to operate both as a standalone tool that can clearly show the relative bearing of any gun in a string immediately prior to perforating or as part as a more comprehensive package that can anchor and rotate several guns in a string to specific orientations in a single run.

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Working within the Sentinel software package the engineer is clearly presented with the orientation of each of the guns in the string removing any uncertainty with respect exactly what direction the gun will be firing. Additional tools can be run in conjunction to detect second strings or individual cables behind casing allowing guns to be oriented away from, or towards key features.

Product features

  • Corrects for angular offsets between multiple guns in a string.
  • Can be used with other Owen Instrumentation tools to detect second strings or cables behind casing.
  • Realtime Surface Read Out confirms the orientation of guns prior to firing.
  • Is integrated into Owen Instrumentation’s Sentinel surface package so the engineer only works within a single intuative package for the complete job.
  • Accurate to within 7°

Product Application

  • Detection of second casing strings.
  • Detection of cable behind casing.
  • Orientation of guns away from, or towards wellbore targets.
  • Wellbores where high accuracy is required and needs to be confirmed before a gun is fired.