Addressable Cablehead Tension Tool

The ACT has been designed to monitor downhole compression and tension loads while running in and pulling out of the hole during perforating operations. It transmits all data back to the surface for real-time logging and evaluation allowing instant decisions to be made while in the hole.

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This helps avoid over-pull or sticking that may damage the cable and/or result in tools getting stuck and having to be fished.

Multiple tools can be run in the string above key pieces of equipment and complement Owen Instrumentation’s Addressable Release Tools (ART). This allows the operator to see at exactly what depth a tool string is stuck, and ensures that the

appropriate release tool is activated and the maximum length of toolstring is retrieved from the hole.

The ACT is able to withstand up to 12A feed-through current and so is ideal for many types of operations, including tractoring and perforating.

Product features

  • Ability to measure Compression and Tension at any time downhole, leading to a better understanding of how conditions downhole are affecting the tool string.
  • Multiple ACT’s can be run in a single string to monitor variations in tension/compression.
  • Surface read out capability for critical decision making real time.
  • Compatible with other Owen Instrumentation Ballistic Delivery System tools.

Product Application

  • Can be deployed when tractoring to monitor forces above and/or below the tractor.
  • Allows critical decisions on which ART to release when a toolstring is stuck to be made with confidence.
  • Suitable for perforating operations.
  • Validates tension models.
  • Desirable in Pump Down operations giving better understanding of the forces being applied to the toolstring.