Addressable Release Tool

The ART is designed for use in wells where the controllable release of all, or part of a stuck tool-string may be required and/or higher pulling weights would be desirable. Deployment of an ART can eliminate the risk of cable damage or breakage due to excess over-pull and significantly reduces the risk of a fishing operation.

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The ART can withstand the high power requirements for downhole tractors and is able to carry a maximum safe load of over three tonnes, enabling it to be run both above and below most devices. If deployed with ballistic devices, a shock absorber (SAT) is strongly recommended

Three fail-safe mechanisms are incorporated in the device to ensure safe and reliable operation. Up to seven ART’s can be run in a single tool-string. Once released, a clean fishing neck free of debris and cable remains so that fishing operations can be more efficient.

Product features

  • Traditional mechanical weakpoint can be eliminated allowing higher overpull.
  • 3 fail safe systems incorporated into design so that any tool failure will not result in accidental release.
  • Tools available from 1 11⁄16″ to 2 3⁄4″ diameter, with pressure and temperature ratings of up to 475°F / 30 kpsi.
  • 15kpsi tools can be upgraded to 18kpsi operation.
  • Ballistic Release Tools (BRT) are also available separately.

Product Application

  • Pump down operations to prevent guns being pumped off the end of the line
  • Running tools in deviated or horizontal wells where high tensions are expected and it may not be possible to break the mechanical weak point
  • Above and/or below a tractor to give the best chance possible of retrieving the tractor should the toolstring below become stuck