Addressable Voltage Switch

The Addressable Voltage Switch is designed to provide both over-voltage and over-current protection for Owens GoFire addressable switches to remove any possibility of unplanned detonation if excessive power is applied either accidentally, or from another source, at surface.

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The tool comprises of 2 identical boards which are both checked every time the tools are powered up or at the end of a run. If either of the boards fails while in hole the system will automatically alert the engineer and switch to the back up board. This ensures that even if a board does fail – the job can still progress seamlessly. The AVS allows Owens GOFire system to be fully compliant with the latest 3rd edition of API RP67.

Product features

  • Isolates excess voltage and current from perforating string
  • Has back up boards to ensure if/when a component fails the back up board will ensure the job is a success

Product Application

  • Multi-stage addressable perforating with Owens GoFire addressable switches