Capillary Pressure Imbibition Drainage Resistivity Index

Knowledge of the water-oil capillary pressure and resistivity index vs. saturation relationship is necessary for many reservoir engineering tasks such as :

  • Calculate oil-in-place
  • Calibrated resistivity logs
  • Determine the height of the transition zone
  • Model oil displacement either by free water imbibition and/or water injection

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CPIDRI is dedicated to the determination of three properties for reservoir evaluation which are :

  • Electrical resistivity index
  • Full Capillary Pressure Curve
  • Wettability indices as function of core sample saturation
  • This system has been used to determine automatically the full capillary pressure and resistivity curves which are essential to evaluate the potential of oil recovery from reservoir.


  • Full data set obtained in a real time period
  • High accuracy capacitance production measurement
  • Automation and data acquisition software
  • Direct capillary pressure curve measurement values
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple core sample