Casing Collar Locator

Owens shooting Casing Collar Locator (CCL) is a passive DC shooting CCL that that uses very strong rare earth Samarium Cobalt magnets to detect when the tool passes a casing collar or other change in metal mass down hole. This is used to tie in the depth of various cased hole tools such as Gamma Ray, CBL, Neutron, tracers or perforating guns into the casing record to ensure that the perforating guns are shot on depth.

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The CCL set up with it custom Samarium Cobalt magnets is especially well suited to situations where it may be difficult to detect collars with standard tools such as when the string is centralized or flush jointed pipe/casing or high chrome casing.

Product features

  • Robust design suited to perforating operations
  • Sensitive collar detection for flush jointed casing
  • Stable detection over full temperature range
  • Works with full range of Owen tools as well as third party tools
  • Compatible with Warrior or Sentinel logging systems

Product Application

  • Correlation runs with cased hole tools where depth is critical
  • High shock loading perforating operations