COMPLETION PROFILER® is the industry’s premier production profiling service, designed to perform in post-stimulation environments, providing the most accurate analysis of completion performance.

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COMPLETION PROFILER® is extremely effective in evaluating and identifying:

  • Quantifying Multi-Phase Production Down to the Perforation Cluster
  • Identifying Near-Wellbore Skin Damage, Fracture Conductivity Reduction
  • Correlating Production Performance to Completion Effectiveness and Reservoir Rock Quality
  • Evaluating Completion Mechanics, Design, and Execution
  • Measure the Effects of Horizontal Wellbore Placement, Lateral Length and Inclination
  • Determining the Effects of Liquid Loading (Water Hold-Up) and Flow Regime in Vertical and Horizontal Wellbores
  • Identifying Re-Completion Opportunities

COMPLETION PROFILER® is a memory – platform system that can be deployed in:

  • Vertical Wellbores
  • Deviated Wellbores
  • Horizontal Wellbores

COMPLETION PROFILER® is comprised of multiple memory based sensors that are used to measure producing fluid properties and velocities. These data are then sent to our Houston Technology Center where mathematical modeling software and proprietary algorithms along with dedicated analysts with more than 90 years combined experience produce the industry’s most accurate quantitative profile.

COMPLETION PROFILER® provides unique benefits:

  • Multi-Phase Analysis (Gas, Oil and Water)
  • Proprietary Spinner Design for Adverse Conditions Post-Stimulation High Sand/Debris Environments Low Velocity Flow Conditions
  • Mass Flow Rate (Temperature) Profile Analysis Improves Accuracy Resolved to the Perforation/Cluster Level Quantifiable Water Profile in Low Flow Rate Conditions Evaluate Near-Wellbore Skin Damage Effects

To provide a more comprehensive evaluation of post-fracture production performance, COMPLETION PROFILER® is commonly run in combination with the SPECTRASCAN® service to validate stimulation effectiveness. SPECTRACHEM® tracer service is also utilized to correlate zonal flowback efficiency to the measured production profile.

COMPLETION PROFILER®’s rugged design ensures reliable operation in temperatures up to 350° F (176° C) and operates in pressures up to 20,000 psi (137,896 Kpa).