Core Cleaner, Automatic CO2, Toluene

Core Cleaner, Automatic CO2, Toluene Is a user-friendly, computer-controlled system designed to clean plug-size and full-diameter core samples with CO2 saturated toluene in efficient, programmed cycles to remove residual hydrocarbons.

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The system includes a computer, control panel, CO2 and regulator, toluene pumps, pressurized CO2/toluene saturation tank, and a stainless steel core-cleaning pressure chamber 24″ long capable of accommodating core samples up to 4 3/8″ in diameter. Toluene not included. Specify voltage and frequency. A dual chamber system is optional.

PC based software controls the cleaning process and monitors temperature and pressure of the system with built in functions to safely shut down the system in the event Of any system failure. Graphical interface alerts operator to system status at all times.

Other Options Available on Request.

Toluene Recovery Still – hydro-mechanically automated distillation recovery system for the re-cycling of toluene. Allows for the unattended recovery of large volumes of used toluene or similar solvents used in the core cleaning process.