Core Measurement System, CMS-300

CMS™-300 Core Measurement System, Model 300 Stage4.00 is an integrated and automated unsteady state pressure decay Permeameter and Porosimeter. Determine sample length, diameter, porosity (0.01 to 40 percent), pore volume, equivalent air permeability at a specified mean pressure, Klinkenberg Permeability (equivalent liquid permeability) Forchheimer Inertial Factor (Beta & Alpha), and Klinkenberg measured slippage correction factor at programmable, net sequential overburden pressures from 250 to 9,800 psig. Suitable for 1″ and ½” diameter cylindrical plugs ¾” to 31/8″ in length.

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Version 4.50 is available as an upgrade to existing systems and provides the following improvements in performance:

  • Improves Low Permeability Performance by allowing use of Nitrogen for Low Permeability Samples. Choice of flowing gas automatically determined by version 4.50 operating software.
  • Replacement of STD Bus allows all operations to be conducted onboard the PC with communication to the CMS™-300 via a high speed USB connection.
  • Improved graphical interface featuring on line help and operating procedures.
  • Compatibility with the latest Windows operating system.
  • Improved online troubleshooting and maintenance procedures reduce downtime and improve sample throughput.
  • Incorporates fully all performance increases added under Stage One Version 3.88 Upgrade
  • Dual-Gas Mode incorporated for permeability measurements of samples with permeability less than 0.01md. Pre-screening allows automatic switching of measurement gas