Coreseal™ is a sealing material developed by Core Laboratories and proven throughout the oil industry. It was specifically designed for long and short term preservation of core material.

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It is almost completely impervious to water and water vapor. Coreseal™ performance is 10 to 70 times better than other hot melt coating materials used. The robust nature of Coreseal™ allows it to form a protective barrier preventing physical damage to the core. Performance tests where carried out on four brine saturated Berea Sandstone samples preserved by the standard Core Seal preservation procedure of wrapped in Saran Wrap followed by aluminum foil and two layers of CoreSeal™. Periodic tests on all four samples revealed no significant moisture loss over three years. The greatest loss observed, 0.009gm, represented only 0.04% of the total brine present in the sample. At this rate of loss the sample would lose only 1% of the initial brine content over a 75 year storage period.