GoFire Addressable Switch

Corelabs patented GoFire Addressable Switch is designed to simplify and de-risk the deployment of multi-stage perforating guns using 2 key techniques. The first is that each GoFire switch measures the resistance of the detonator when connected to our surface tester.

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This confirms the electrical condition of the detonator as well as the connectors to the detonator. This ensures that every single electrical connection in the gun is fully tested before being run in hole and not simply the connection to each switch as is the case with traditional addressable switch systems.

The second key point that the bottom switch in the string will be automatically set up as a plug switch and it is assigned two separate addresses and controls both the setting tool ignitor as well as the detonator in the bottom gun. This saves on overall system cost and complexity of wiring for field staff.

The system can be controlled using Warrior or with Corelab’s field proven Sentinel software which introduces a safety enhancing level of automation and verification to the perforating process ensuring that guns cannot be accidentally fired off depth and the shooting-on-fly is faster and more accurate.

The complete system has undergone independent third party assessment to confirm that it is RF Safe, and meets the stringent requirements of API RP 67 code of practice for safe perforating operations.

Product Features

  • Checks the electrical integrity of every connection in the perforating string by measuring the resistance of the detonator
  • Bottom switch controls both the setting tool ignitor as well as the detonator in the bottom gun
  • The GoFire BRT version of the switch ensures that any BRT in the string cannot be accidentally set up and released as a gun in the string
  • Up to 30 GoFire can be controlled in a single string
  • Works with any 50 Ohm resistorised detonator or igniter
  • Works with both Warrior and Corelabs Sentinel system using the MPP-C panel

Product Application

  • Multi-stage perforating
  • Radio-safe perforating
  • Semi-automated perforating depth control