InterFacial Tension Cell – IFT Cell

Our cell with a huge field of view can measure the interfacial tensions liquid/liquid, gas/liquid and liquid/gas by the pendant drop method, and also the contact angles between liquid/ solid.

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The cell provides a 36mm diameter of visibility and can be inverted to measure interfacial tensions of water into gas, oil into gas, water into oil and oil into water.

Equipment is composed of:

  • 1 HP/HT cell
  • Electrical heating system
  • Accessories for valves, sampling bottles and pumps for drops formation
  • 1 visualization system on PC with video camera and with macro zoom and lighting
  • Software for contact angle and surface tension in one instrument


  • Working Pressure: 1000 bar (15,000 psi)
  • Working Temperature: Ambient to 200°C
  • Piston Bottle Volume: 100 mL
  • Software: Windrop

CCD Digital Video Specifications:

  • Video Signal: Numerical
  • Digital Zoom: 10x
  • Resolution: 31.4 M Pixels
  • Working Distance: 10 to 800mm
  • Picture Format: JPEG (1392×1040)