Jet Impingement

The equipment enables to perform corrosion tests on pipelines materials simulating a fluid circulation on a lining.

With two synchronized pumps for a continuous flow circulation fluid, a liquid is projected on coaxial electrode which permits to measure a potential difference.

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Designed with an automatic fluid mixing system to ensure that fluid mixing is realized before injection and an integrated mixer where the liquid is saturated in gas (H2S) and inhibitor additions are provided to measure their electrode corrosion impact. The apparatus is integrated in a climatic air bath, allowing temperature regulation in real dynamic fluid conditions up to 150°C.

Control the pumps (pressure regulation, constant flow rate, constant volume), as well as the temperature of the climatic air bath with the synoptic or electric cabinet and record the values of different parameters such as pressure, temperature, equivalence calculation, tube shearing stress, and electrode shearing stress.