Knuckle Joint

The Knuckle Joint allows sections of a logging string to be changed from centralised to decentralised in order to ensure that all sensors have the optimal position in the well bore. This may be particularly important when, for example, a CCL needs to be decentralised to get better collars, but the fluid density and fullbore flowmeter still require to be centralised.

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All Knuckle Joints are designed such that when two are coupled together, they will fully decentralise different parts of the tool string in different tubing sizes allowing them to run parallel to each other.

Designed around a precision, high-strength ball joint mechanism, the Knuckle Joint provides superior strength and articulation. The implementation of an easily field-replaceable through connection results in extremely simple maintenance.

These are available with multiple head configurations and can be configured with client specific head types if required.

Product features

  • High strength ball and socket design
  • 2 1⁄8″ tools suitable for perforating operations
  • Designed for simple maintainance in the field

Product Application

  • Can be used to decentralise tools for better sensor response
  • Sections of the toolstring can be centralised to reduce drag to access highly deviated wells
  • Centralise part of the toolstring to make it easier to run in hole