Mercury Free SpikeFlash

The Spikeflash instrument is designed to allow for the safe flashing of pressurized samples to atmospheric pressure at elevated temperature whilst allowing the collection of both the liquid and gaseous phases for further evaluation.

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The Spikeflash unit consists of two temperature controlled Air baths (a Separation Oven and a Coil Oven), a temperature controller Enclosure, a Spikeflash flask (for the collection of the liquid phase), stainless steel and copper tubing, various stainless steel valves and a Gasometer.

This equipment is composed of following elements :

  • Absolute Linear Encoder
  • Automatic Moving Piston under 0.2 bar over pressure
  • 2 Manual Valves
  • Handle Adjusting Piston Position at standard pressure
  • Calibrated Glass Tube

All wetted parts are made of Stainless Steel (ref SS316) except the tube (Glass) and the piston (Gas Resistant Plastic)