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Core Lab’s Modeling Services help you design perforating strategies that are tailored to your specific downhole environments, well conditions, and completion goals. Our engineers will evaluate your design and verify that your objectives are achievable. All testing is conducted under existing API recommended practices (RP) guidelines.

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Engineered Perforator Analysis program, EPA© – EPA© has served as a benchmark to assist customers in selecting the best perforating solution for their completion design. EPA© runs simulations and provides results such as perforation efficiency, skin factor, productivity index, and inflow performance.  Our engineers maintain and update the EPA© database as new charge designs are released. Let our engineers help you design and optimize your perforation design with the latest Engineered Perforator Analysis. Contact us today about your EPA Subscription. 

Nodal Analysis – Nodal analysis software can help you design, evaluate, and troubleshoot different types of well completions by analyzing well rate and flow performance. Nodal Analysis software calculates and models pressure drops to the node over a range of flow rates. With Nodal Analysis, you can gain an estimation of production flow rates or the effects of reservoir pressure depletion, evaluate your perforating options or well stimulation treatments, and optimize your injection gas-liquid ratio for gas lift. Nodal analysis software can also help you predict the production rates, pressure drops, and fluid properties along the wellbore and pipeline.

DeltaP Modeling – Perf cluster efficiency is crucial in ensuring that the fracturing fluids reach the target zones effectively, maximizing the contact area with the reservoir rock, and optimizing fracture design treatment within the stage. DeltaP Modeling allows engineers to evaluate and fine-tune their perf cluster design to ensure maximum reservoir contact during fracture stimulations. Factors like hole size diameter and standard deviation of the perforations can significantly impact the flow of fracturing fluids into the reservoir. Let our engineers help you make an informed decision about your charge selection for your hydraulic fracturing operation.

PulsFrac™ Wellbore DynamicPulsFrac™ software is widely recognized as the industry standard for modeling the dynamics associated with downhole perforating and predicting the resulting fracture development and extension. PulsFrac™ software offers a comprehensive suite of design and risk-reduction solutions for your perforating job. Let our technical experts analyze your pre-job design with PulsFrac™ and determine the optimal settings for your perforating operations.

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