Multi Purpose Panel

The Multi-Purpose Panel (MPP-C) integrates the telemetry control of Owen Instrumentation’s full range of Ballistics Delivery SystemTM range of tools and Select Fire SwitchesTM with a fully automated perforating panel, and acquisition system into a single robust panel.

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Designed and tested to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of API RP67, the MPP-C incorporates a safety switch along with dual perforating firing switches, and a touch screen control pad. Remote real-time viewing of correlation logs and rapid trouble shooting on location are all made possible using the remote log-in option.

The system is self-configuring, automatically builds a toolstring diagram and uploads tool serial numbers and calibrations from the tool. Once the detonator type is confirmed along with the perforating depths the software will only allow the gun to fire when it is on-depth, and the engineer activates both firing switches. At that point the panel will automatically send the correct power based on the detonator type.

Product features

  • Integrated acquisition system, perforating panel and telemetry panel
  • Self configuring. Automatically builds up toolstring diagram
  • Can control up to 100 Select Fire Switches
  • Remote access to panel available via internet connection
  • Acquisition software can produce a full API log report
  • Inputs for depth and tension measurement
  • Software assisted perforating ensures that guns can only be fired at the programmed depth

Product Application

  • Any perforating operations
  • Where there is limited rack space in the unit or a limited budget, the MPP-CTM can replace a perforating panel, acquisition system and standard Owen Instrumentation panel with a single 3U high intergrated panel saving space and capital cost
  • Multi-stage perforating operations where time efficiency is critical