Oriented Perforating System

Owen’s Oriented Perforating System is comprised of several tools that can be used in various combinations depending on what is required for the particular application.

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The core tools are:

Metal Anomaly Tool (MAT)
The MAT is used to determine where behind the casing the cable, cable clamp or second string is behind the casing. This tool is designed to be robust enough to run in the same string as perforating guns so you can detect, orient and fire in a single run. In wells where the cable has already been mapped, or where it is just a specific angle that is needed, i.e. shooting the high side, the MAT would not be required in the string.

Instrument Dynamics Controller (IDC)
The IDC anchors the OPS string and is opened and closed on command to clamp onto the ID of the casing to ensure that when tools or guns are rotated it is the not the wireline that is rotated instead.

Accelerometer Orientation Tool (AOT)
The AOT confirms the orientation of the tools or gun in the string and when they are rotated by the PSJ it confirms that they were rotated by the correct amount. If guns are being run in a wellbore and are being oriented using simple eccentric weight bars then the AOT can be run on its own to confirm that the eccentric weight bars have indeed oriented the guns correctly before the are fired. The AOT does require a well bore with 5 degrees deviation or greater in order to operate. If the well bore has less than 5 degrees deviation then a Gyro can be run in its place.

Orienting Gyro Housing (OGH)
The OGH is a housing that can accept a gyro tool from various gyro suppliers and allows the reading from the gyro to confirm the orientation of the guns prior to firing.

Powered Swivel Joint (PSJ)
The PSJ can rotate up to 80ft of 3 3/8″ fully loaded guns in a horizontal well with no rollers, standoffs or other friction reducing aids. This allows the system to rotate a gun string to whatever orientation the client requires while the IDC anchors the top half of the string.

Multi-Purpose Panel (MPP) and Sentinel
All of the Owen instrumentation tools are controlled from the MPP surface panel which runs Owens bespoke Sentinel software. This intuitive software package automates the opening and closing of the anchors and rotation of the guns to preset orientations regardless of individual offsets between tools. This simplifies the operation of the tools for the engineer in the field and ensures a more reliable and efficient job outcome. All the MAT interpretation happens real time as the tool is deployed and displays a very simple cross section of the well bore showing exactly where the clamps/cable/2nd string is in an intuitive 360 degree cross section view.

Product Features

  • Fully configurable suite of tools to meet all orientation requirements
  • Simple and intuitive control system for all tools and the Owen GoFire addressable switch
  • Rated to anchor and orient up to 80ft of 3 3/8” guns
  • Detect, orient and fire all in a single run

Product Application

  • More accurate determination of where the cable or second string is behind casing
  • Faster deployment as can be done in a single run
  • Clear indication of where to fire and exactly how the gun is oriented ensures the target is always correct.