Permeameter, Gas PERG-200

The Permeameter gas, PERG-200, is specifically designed to assist universities and other teaching institutions with the hands on instruction process.

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The PERG-200 provides a modern state of the art measuring instrument that allows the student to go through the measurement process in a structured transparent method. This instruction-focused design allows the student to build on his basic knowledge of permeability. The instrument is based on Darcy’s law and allows the student to make permeability to gas measurements on core plugs.

The instrument is forgiving in it’s operation and requires neither mercury nor elevated confining pressures to operate, enhancing user safety.

Instrument includes:

  • Fancher coreholder
  • Thermometer
  • Variable range flowmeters
  • Calibrated pressure gauge and upstream pressure control valve
  • Bench mounted assembly
  • Associated plumbing
  • Manual and Excel spread sheet calculation template