Powered Swivel Joint

Responding to real-time surface commands, the Powered Swivel Joint (PSJ) rotates guns or tools to a precise relative bearing. A simple user interface allows users to set an offset should the gun string not be aligned with the PSJ, and to confirm when the gun is properly aligned.

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A high resolution encoder together with a low-side detector is used to monitor the relative bearing of the tool. Everything is fully shock-mounted and tested to withstand perforating shock.

The tool can also be supplied in a minimal format allowing clients to install their own control system, or as a complete tool which is fully compatible with the full range of Owen Instrumentation Ballistics Delivery System tools.

Product features

  • Orientate to any position within the wellbore relative to the low side of the hole.
  • Ability to input offset for gun orientation separate from tool orientation.
  • High Torque motor allows for rotation of long heavy guns or tool strings.
  • Combinable with Owen Instrumentation Instrument Dynamics Controller or non-rotating centraliser.

Product Application

  • Align gun to plane of least principle stress for enhanced frac performance.
  • Orientate gun away from control lines or fibre optic cable.
  • Orientate gun to optimal position for limited entry perforating.