Pressure Tapped Core Holder- DCH Series

Our patented DCH Series core holders are core holders with pressure ports or taps molded into the confining pressure sleeve. These pressure ports allow the researcher to measure the pressure drop along the length of the core sample during the flooding process.

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These core holders are routinely used for gas and liquid permeability, relative permeability, formation damage studies, fluid reactions with the reservoir rock and other core flooding experiments.

These core holders offer several unique features. The pressure ports are molded into the sleeve for a solid bond. The pressure ports can be located at discrete locations along the core to meet the client’s requirements. Sleeves can be fabricated on a custom basis for short (several inches) or long applications (several feet or meters). The pressure ports are designed to come out through the body of the core holder through one end or out through the core holder body. We have also supplied pressure ports that are connected to 1/16” or 1/8” tubing and come out through the ends of the core holder. These core holders can be supplied with any of the loading types that Core Lab offers. The loading types include Hassler, Biaxial, or Triaxial. The standard features of each design type are incorporated into the pressure-ported core holder.