ProtecCore™ is a high performance, proven material used for core preservation. Core preservation is of outmost importance as unprotected core can undergo significant changes in saturation and fluid chemistry during shipping, handling and storage.

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These changes drastically affect the accuracy of laboratory analytical results. By surrounding and sealing your sample with ProtecCore™ you have a package with high oxygen and water vapor barrier properties that is resistant to chemical attack by fluids in the core such as brine, crude oil and drilling mud. The sealing also prevents oxygen and water vapor transmission at package edges.

During performance testing over a twenty-four month period there was no noticeable deterioration in the wrapping and a percent of original water loss during storage of approximately 2°.

ProtecCore™ consists of six layers of different material, each with specific advantages. The innermost layer next to the core is Barex™ film, a chemically resistant material. The next layer is biaxial nylon used for its strength and flexibility in various packaged products. Aluminum foil, two layers of low-density polyethylene and a layer of polyester to give strength follow these layers.

Preservation Procedures Utilizing ProtecCore™

  • Pre-wrap core in a liberal amount of transparent Barex™ film, then tape the ends.
  • Slip the pre-wrapped core sample into tubular laminate that is approximately eight inches longer than the core sample.
  • Heat-seal both ends of the tube by using a clamp heat sealer or a similar method. A one-inch seal is recommended.
  • The sample now preserved can be further protected from damage by wrapping in bubble wrap or other similar packing material.