Reservoirs Applied Petrophysical Integrated Data

RAPID™ is a web-enabled database application for organizing, archiving, retrieving, and summarizing reservoir characterization data. 

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  • Establish direct connections with third-party applications for data integration   
  • Securely store and organize your data  
  • Integrate your GIS data and maps with reservoir characterization data 

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RAPID™ offers centralized, uniform, and easily accessible data storage in a secure environment. Once data is structured in RAPID™, you can utilize the custom-built API, RAPID™Link, to establish direct connections with third-party applications, ensuring a smooth data integration. 

Now available as a cloud-based solution, RAPID™ allows for personalized and scalable storage plans that evolve with your data requirements. Incorporate a custom Application Program Interface to effortlessly link your data with third-party applications.