RAPIDZoom™ can help unlock the data from your core slabs or thin sections with a technology that combines thousands of high-resolution images in a variety of contrasts and delivers the images across a web-enabled and interactive viewer.

Ask an expert today to learn more about how RAPIDZoom™ can help you: 

  • Share thin section descriptions and high resolution images with colleagues around the world 
  • Perform core descriptions from the convenience of your office  
  • Leverage your proprietary data to build a custom analog search from a thin section image

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High-resolution images are delivered through RAPID which allows you to annotate, organize, archive, and disseminate thin sections images and descriptions, enhancing your data management capabilities. Effortlessly navigate and magnify with dynamic scaling at microscopic resolution while switching between contrast methods such as Plane-POL, Cross-POL, UV or reflected light.