Relative Permeability Steady State System with Gamma Ray Saturation Monitoring, SSRel K

This automated equipment enhances permeability testing on live fluids through recirculation, reducing the live fluid requirement by 75%.

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The new design ensures a continuous flow injection from 6 pumps, each with a capacity of 200 cc and 1000 bar, directly embedded in the oven, minimizing dead volume and allowing user-friendly maintenance. Samples are loaded into aluminum core holders with a carbon fiber wrapping providing transparency to X-rays or Gamma rays.

Sample movement is finely controlled along a motorized linear tracking system using guiding rods with no end screws and displacement is controlled by a brushless motor. Automation and saturation determinations are collected from the system detectors and monitored with provided software.

System Features:

  • Controlled Temperature Gradient
  • ΔP measurement stability – no back pressure valve
  • Automated procedures for fluid injection and recirculation
  • Automated saturation monitoring
  • User friendly operations and maintenance
  • Gamma Ray or X-Ray Technology tracking configurations available
  • Hastelloy used in wetted parts for corrosion resistance