Reservoir Conditions Coreflooding System, AFS-300

The Reservoir Conditions Core Flooding System is a semi-automated, modular core flooding system that is configured for unsteady-state relative permeability tests. Core Flooding experiments in single and multi-phase displacements are available in manual and semi-automatic mode, and the addition of the gas delivery system allow performance of gas displacement experiments.

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In addition to relative permeability experiments, the system is capable of performing a range of reservoir quality assessment experiments including: critical velocity, brine sensitivity, return permeability and acid sensitivity.

This system is specifically configured to take advantage of Core Laboratories’ 50 years of performing water flooding and simulation experiments and is fully customizable to meet experimental requirements.

The base system is configured for liquid/liquid displacements under unsteady state conditions or miscible flood, polymer and other enhanced oil recovery experiments to be performed. The system is rated up to 15,000 psig confining pressure, 14,500 psig pore pressure at 350 °F temperature. The system features automated data acquisition, manual and semi-automated operation via an interactive Windows-based graphical interface.

Windowed Environmentally Safe Oven (Air Bath) rated to 450 °F (±1 degree) minimum with automatic temperature control, lighted interior and emergency venting safety features. Allows pumps to be mounted inside the oven to eliminate thermal gradients in the re-circulating fluids.