Sapphire Cell 100 ml 500 bar

HP cells made of synthetic sapphire (Al2O3) to be used up to 500 bar in a wide range of temperature (-40°C to +200°C).

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These cells are necessary for the study of physico-chemical phenomena requiring an integral visual observation and/or the use of optical phenomena using coherent or non-coherent light for measuring or characterization. The sapphire cell are made of 1, 2 or 3 piled up hollow sapphire cylinders with all ports and accessories required for experiments: piston(s), valve(s), stirrer with torque measurement, probes, sensors, sampler, optical fibers…

The space(s) between two sapphire cylinders can also be equipped to have some of the above accessories. The mechanical cohesiveness of the whole cell is given by bracing the 2 cell ends with assembly principle restraining the stress on sapphire cylinder(s). Such cells and their surroundings (mechanical, thermal, measure, control,…) are built according to the needs of end-users widely out of Petroleum Industry (any physico-chemical observation or measurement about phase behaviors, supercritical field…).

The sapphire cell is delivered with CCD high resolution camera full visualization and software for volume phase determination. Types of measurements: hydrates, asphaltenes, wax