Shale Matrix Permeameter – SMP-200

Shale Matrix Permeameter provides a precise method for determining matrix permeability on crushed oil or gas shale samples.

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The SMP-200 conforms to parts of the Gas Research Institute (GRI) protocol, GRI-95/0496, for the evaluation of shale reservoirs. A shale sample is crushed and sieved between 20 to 35 US Mesh screens to yield a sample with a diameter between 0.5 mm to 0.853 mm. Approximately 30 grams of this crushed and sieved sample is placed into the test chamber of the SMP-200. Helium, at approximately 200 psig, is then expanded into the test chamber. The pressure decline curve is then recorded for up to 2,000 seconds. A simulator history match of the pressure decline curve then yields the matrix permeability of the shale sample.

Permeability Measurement Range: 1 Femtodarcy (10-15 Darcy) to 1 Micro Darcy (10-6 Darcy).

Scope of Supply:

SMP-200 complete with: Small Format PC, Monitor, CD-ROM, Mouse, and keyboard. Microsoft Windows and the Shale Matrix Permeameter operating software are provided pre-installed on the PC.