SPECTRASCAN® is a memory spectral gamma ray logging service specifically designed to identify and precisely determine near-wellbore traced proppant placement. Uniquely able to analyze the effectiveness of completion operations, SPECTRASCAN® provides vital diagnostic information for completion optimization decisions.

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SPECTRASCAN® is used to determine:

  • Fracture Height (Vertical Wells)
  • Proppant Flowback
  • Over-Displacement (Frac or Clean-Up Operations)
  • Longitudinal or Transverse Fractures (Horizontal Wells)
  • Near Wellbore Fracture Complexity Stage Isolation (Cement, Flow-Through Bridge Plugs, Sliding Sleeves, Open Hole Packers)
  • Squeeze Perforations Effectiveness
  • Actual Perforation and Hardware Depth
  • Unstimulated and Under-Stimulated Pay
  • Mechanical Failures (Tubular and Hardware)
  • Interwell/Offset Fracture Interference

Recording a high resolution energy spectrum combined with proprietary spectral deconvolution software analysis, SPECTRASCAN® delivers the industry’s mostaccurate identification and quantification of the injected tracer(s). Data downloaded from the tool is merged and correlated with other depth data to provide a realistic understanding of the completion effectiveness. Versatile deployment options provide operational flexibility and efficiencies.

When used in conjunction with COMPLETION PROFILER®, SPECTRASCAN® provides critical fracture to production performance validation.

SPECTRASCAN®’s rugged design ensures sound operation even in temperatures that exceed 400° F (200°C) and pressures up to 20,000 psi (137,896 kPa).