SPECTRASTIM™ is a proppant tracing technology that involves the precise injection of uniquely identifiable ZeroWash tracers.

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Engineered for maximum diagnostic value, SPECTRASTIM™ tracers are designed to target specific stages or segments and different proppant or fluid types in hydraulic fracture and other completion operations.

ZeroWash tracers are the only means to accurately pinpoint completion placement. A post-stimulation spectral gamma ray log is run to precisely identify and quantify the ZeroWash™ tracer placement in the completion operation.

SPECTRASTIM™ provides direct measurements to develop and refine completion procedures and processes to optimize production.

SPECTRASTIM™ is a proven diagnostic tool in the following applications:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments
  • Acid Treatments
  • Cementing (Channel Identification, Squeeze Coverage, Top of Cement)
  • Horizontal Well Completions
  • Mechanical Integrity Tests
  • Conformance Control
  • Polymer Treatments
  • Gravel and Frac Pack Treatments
  • Pre-Frac Diagnostic Testing