Standard Core Holder- HCH Series

Our HCH Series core holders are standard Biaxial, or Hydrostatic, type core holders. Biaxial type core holders are defined as core holders that have common radial and axial pressure applied to the core sample. These core holders are routinely used for gas and liquid permeability and other core flooding experiments.

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They are often used for the testing of unconsolidated core samples. This style is recommended for full diameter core samples and high temperature applications. This design is more compact and the overall weight of the core holder is less than other models. This design also allows the same core holder to be used to test multiple core diameters.

With the HCH Series, axial and radial confining pressure is applied through the body wall, along the outer diameter and end of the core sample. Two confining pressure ports are provided so that the annulus can be filled and the air easily displaced. The distribution plug is connected to a ¼” tube which floats inside the end cap. This allows the distribution plug to move inside the core holder and remain in constant contact with the core sample as the rock is compressed. This also allows different length core samples to be tested in the same core holder. If desired, the distribution plugs can be provided with more than one inlet and outlet. The volume of all ports and flow lines are kept to a minimum so that accurate flow data can be determined.