STX-SPAN® Systems

Our stackable X-SPAN® products allow for long straddle systems to be deployed in multiple runs using wire-line, slick line, coil tubing or conventional tubing. The stackable system can utilize X-SPAN® or GTX-SPAN® elements to isolate the top and bottom of the intended zone, while specially engineered seal assemblies are utilized between each sequential intermediate section. This technology allows for extremely long isolation systems to be deployed when lubricator length or well accessibility is an issue.

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  • Can be deployed on wire line, slick line, coil tubing or jointed pipe.
  • High pressure and high temperature applications.
  • Unlimited lengths can be straddled
  • Can incorporate standard off-the-shelf customer supplied tubulars as straddle base pipe material.
  • Can incorporate sand screens, slotted liner, flow control devices such as profile nipples and sliding sleeves.