Switch Surface Tester

The Switch Surface Tester (SST) unit is a portable, battery powered test panel designed as part of the Owen Ballistic Delivery System (BDS) product line. It provides a safe and dedicated means of testing the functionality of a “LIVE” FIRE SWITCH ballistics tool string on the surface.

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It not only checks that all the switches in a gun string are working and connected but it can also measure the resistance of each detonator in the string and confirm that the electrical connection to the detonator is intact before running a gun in hole. The full system is fully compliant with API RP 67 and fully tested for use on a wellsite.

Product features

  • Programs addresses into each switch as it checks the string
  • Measures the resistance of all detonators/igniters in the string and confirms electrical connections and alarms ts engineer if there are any issues
  • Writes 2 addresses to the bottom switch, one for the detonator in the lowest gun and one for igniter in the plug
  • Confirms electrical connection between addressable switches
  • Comprehensive self test program is run every time unit is powered up
  • Simple user interface
  • Third party tested and approved

Product Application

  • Addressable multi-stage perforating
  • Projects where operational efficiency is key