Threaded Gun Systems

Scalloped Gun Systems were developed to provide improved perforating charge performance when compared to Ported Hollow Steel Carrier (Port Plug) Guns. Installation of perforating charges and detonating cord is fast and simple. Reliability is very high due to rugged and robust hardware in conjunction with minimal sealing elements. A variety of gun systems are available including ultra high pressure and high temperature systems.

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These systems feature a spot-face or “scallop” on the carrier at the charge location to minimize burrs after the charge perforates through the scallop, and the scallop also aides in optimizing charge performance. The perforating charges are retained within a tube strip that is located inside the gun carrier. The tube strip allows the charges to align with the scallop. The scalloped carrier is expendable and is discarded after it is retrieved from the well.

Slick Gun Systems use unscalloped carriers and are designed for use in applications requiring lower cost. These gun systems utilize a variety of charge tubes and may be run on wireline or tubing. Standard slick gun systems are available for low pressure applications. Mid-range slick guns are also available for applications where higher pressures are encountered.

Gun connections (subs) are used to connect several gun lengths together and also provide a means of attaching the gun system to wireline tools such as a collar locator. The gun subs may also provide an automatic ballistic connection between guns when used in conjunction with the end-to-end booster kit or the tandem booster kit. Gun subs may be used multiple times and are available for a wide variety of wireline and tubing conveyed applications.