Ultra-High Pressure High Temperature (UHPHT)

The pressure and temperature test facility allows clients to test completion tools to full downhole conditions. With in-house design experience, nearly any downhole scenario can be recreated to operate and test the mechanical integrity of the product and ensure reliability of performance.

Testing in the facility ranges from ballistic performance under downhole conditions of perforating guns and initiation hardware to pressure testing of packers, bridge plugs, casing patches, downhole electronics, and logging tools.

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API 11D1/ISO 14310:2001 – Packers and Bridge Plugs

V0 – Gas test (Nitrogen) + Axial load + Temperature cycling + Special acceptance criteria (V1 + Zero bubble acceptance criteria)

V1 – Gas test (Nitrogen) + Axial load + Temperature cycling

V2 – Gas test (Nitrogen) + Axial load

V3 – Liquid test + Axial loads + Temperature cycling

V4 – Liquid test + Axial loads

V5 – Liguid test

V6 – Supplier/Manufacturer-defined