Ultragrain Grain Volume

Micro-Bench top design utilizing Boyles Law helium gas expansion porosimetry to be used with matrix cup for samples 1″ in or 1 ½”diameter and up to 3″ in length. Utilizes a highly accurate 0-100 psi transducer with linearity and hysteresis of less than ± 0.11 percent of full scale and 22 bit Analog to Digital Converter to achieve a grain volume precision of +/- 0.002 cc for one inch diameter samples and 0.004 cc for 1.5 inch diameter samples.

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Scope of Supply:

UltraGrain-200 Sample chamber, matrix cup (Grain Volume Cell) for 1inch, 1½ inch diameter. Includes 5 calibrated disks for system calibration. Computer P4 min, 128MB RAM, 20GB Hard Drive, CD-RW, 17 inch Plasma VDU. Windows XP Professional Operating system Software; The UltraGrain 200 Windows based software provides a very user friendly interface for system calibration, measurement and data reporting.