VC Series Visual Cell

We offer high pressure, high temperature, opposed windowed, adjustable or fixed volume visual cells for the research industry.

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These cells have been used for Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) studies. In core analysis research, these cells have been installed in-line to observe fluid phases, emulsions, miscibility, and bubble size distribution. The fluid is allowed to pass between the two windows at pressure as high as 20,000 psi.

These cells have also been tested to temperatures as high as 600°F, 316°C. The researcher can also mount a mirror on the visual cell to allow indirect viewing of the sample can be accomplished with a cathetometer, microscope, or camera. The camera can also be connected to a video tape recorder for data storage

The visual cells can be supplied with a fixed volume between the windows, or with an adjustable volume. With the mechanical volume adjustment, as shown in the picture, the end piece rotates to change the spacing between the two windows. The spacing between the windows can only be adjusted in this manner when there is no pressure on the system.

If you would like to adjust the spacing between the windows under pressure, Core Laboratories can provide a hydraulic adjustment system. To measure the window spacing and hence the volume, there is an external dial on the mechanical version and a digital position indicator with the hydraulic version. These cells can be manufactured from various materials of construction upon request.