Vertical Band Saw

VBS-100 -Vertical Band Saw is the versatile answer to cutting large quantities of full diameter core material. This saw comes equipped with a contour cutting attachment standard, hydraulic feed table, which makes it easier to hold and cut. A protractor head attachment is also standard for allowing the operator to cut precise angle cuts from 45 degrees right to 45 degrees left. High-speed roller guides are standard for cutting non-ferrous material.

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  • Blade Width: 5⁄16 – ¾ Blade
  • Blade Length: 189
  • Blade Speed: 50-425 fpm (low range) 425-4,250 fpm (high range)
  • Welder Capacity: 5⁄16 – ¾
  • Work Travel Distance:10
  • Worktable T slots: 4
  • Band Wheel Number: 3
  • Band Wheel Size: 16½
  • Horse Power: 2.2

Specifications subject to change without notice.