X-Ray Core Holder- FCH Series

X-ray and Gamma scanning measurements are widely used to analyze the fluid flow properties within the reservoir. These core holders are used for this application.

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These core holders offer an aluminum body which is over wrapped with carbon fiber composite. The aluminum-composite body absorbs less X-rays or Gamma rays than an all aluminum core holder and is more cost effective than a carbon fiber epoxy core holder. With the lower absorption, dual-energy studies can still be performed at high pressure. The composite aluminum body has a uniform thickness throughout the length of the core, so measurements can be easily performed. The internal parts of the core holder can be similar to the Hassler, Biaxial, Tri-axial, or pressure tapped core holders. Please refer to the RCH, HCH, TCH, or DCH Series catalog sheets for specific information.

If the core holder is supplied with pressure taps, then the pressure port fitting and tubing can be manufactured from PEEK or titanium material. The PEEK or titanium material is recommended for low Xray absorption. The thickness of the aluminum liner increases as the inner diameter, pressure, and temperature increase. At high pressures and temperatures, the required aluminum wall thickness, for safe operation, may have too much X-ray absorption. These factors are all taken into account by the experienced engineering staff at Core Laboratories to insure that a core holder will be delivered that will satisfy the requirements.