X-ray CT Core Scanning System

Core Lab Instruments CTSCAN-300 SYSTEMS are based on robust General Electric scanner technology. The rock properties applications for CT scanning include viewing sleeved core sections (1 m or 3 ft) contained in opaque inner barrel or inner barrel liner materials to determine quality of recovered core and slabbing cut orientation relative to bedding.

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Applications also include identifying specific, “non-damaged”, full-diameter sections to facilitate sampling site selection, detailed density studies for highly interbedded intervals, depth matching and density log comparisons. Additionally, the CT systems are typically used for quality assessment of prepared plug samples prior to specialized core testing, saturation profiling in conjunction with flow studies and fracture analysis.

The latest spiral imaging technology allows quick accurate scans of the core samples to be made allowing the fast efficient processing of unconsolidated core samples. The included software package facilitates easy manipulation, processing, storage and analysis of CT images.