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Tracer Services

More than 3 decades of expertise has made ProTechnics innovators in reservoir and completion diagnostics.

For results that enhance production and reduce costs, quantifiable direct measurements are the best source of information about your completion. Completion diagnostics provide the only direct measurements of such critical factors as:

  • Fracture Height
  • Zonal Coverage
  • Proppant Distribution
  • Wellbore Connectivity
  • Fracture Fluid Performance

Measuring and analyzing uniquely idenfiable proppant and chemical tracers, completion diagnostics offer valuable insight that helps improve completion practices and results.

Completion diagnostic services are tailored to provide the entire engineering team with information for:

  • Stimulations - Especially When Completing Multiple Zones and Large Intervals
  • IOR/EOR – Where Understanding Interwell Fluid Flow Paths is Important
  • Cementing and Acidizing – Where Placement is Critical

Direct Measurements Provide Advantages in:

  • New Areas Where Reservoir Completion Response is Not Understood
  • Comparing and Assessing Various Completion Designs and Methodologies
  • Field-Wide Stimulation Program Surveillance
  • Troubleshooting Anomalous Stimulation Results
  • Engineering field studies to optimize well spacing
  • Determining bypassed or missed reserves
  • Positively determining the mechanical integrity of the completion
  • Directly measuring EOR efficiency and performance

Reliable Tracer Injection

ProTechnics' advanced diagnostics build on a long tradition of industry firsts, including the PT-4000 low pressure injection system. This injection system has been used to safely, accurately and reliably perform thousands of injection treatments in some of the harshest conditions. Versatile and easily mobilized for service around the world.

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