Geological Sciences

Core Descriptions, Fracture Studies and Sedimentology

Core Description
Analysis of conventional core include description of bedding, lithology, sedimentary structures, fossils, and any other macro-features of the rock. Data used to understand depositional environment, reservoir geometry, and reservoir quality. Can also be used to calibrate wireline logs. Results are provided in a final report and core log panel generated by WellCad. The WellCad panel can include well logs, grain size profile, depositional environment interpretation, and selected petrographic data.

Example Cuttings Panel

Fracture Analysis
Description of macrofractures in an oriented, conventional core. Determines orientation, aperture width, and total number of fractures. Data is plotted on WellCad panel.

Snap Shot of Fracture Analysis Panel

A robust net-to-gross determined based on a specialized, highly detailed conventional core description. Used in highly laminated rock, such as distal turbidities or channel levee deposits. Data is plotted on WellCad panel.

Lam Count Analysis

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