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Reservoir Fluids

Field Sampling and Wellsite Services

Fluids Sampling: The collection of fully representative samples is a critical phase of any PVT/Fluids analysis study and well data gathering program. Core Lab works with our clients to help design a fluids sampling campaign that collects the correct type, quantity and volume of samples for onshore laboratory analyses. Core Lab provides "PVT laboratory trained" sampling engineers for collection of single phase bottom-hole samples, wellhead samples and separator gas and liquid samples for PVT studies. Atmospheric oil/condensate samples and produced water samples are also collected for Crude Assay, Production Chemistry and Flow Assurance studies. Core Lab provides equipment for collection of pressurized and atmospheric samples in certified and approved containers for safe transport to our test laboratory.

Fluids Sampling Fluids Sampling

Onsite DST Gas & Liquid Analysis: A DST is the ideal opportunity to obtain critical information on produced fluids for field development, process design and for pipeline specification. It is not always possible or applicable to obtain this information in a laboratory environment due to various factors such as trace concentrations, reaction/losses to sampling cylinders, short half-life and sample volume requirements. Onsite analysis during an extended flow period enables Core Lab to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable data for several key components such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Total Mercaptans, Mercury and Radon.

Onsite Water Analysis: It is not uncommon to find produced water in the test separator during a DST and the source can only be confirmed by performing some onsite analyses. Core Lab provides a complete service to determine the physical properties and composition of produced water sample. Additional services can be provided for water injection wells to determine the particle counts and size distribution of any solids material.

Onsite DST Gas & Liquid Analysis Onsite DST Gas & Liquid Analysis

Sampling Containers: Core Lab provides a complete range of sampling cylinders for collection of pressurised gas and liquid samples and for long term sample storage purposes. The correct type and quantity of equipment is agreed with the client during the planning and design phase of the study. Core Lab also supplies a wide range of containers for collecting and storing atmospheric samples. These are supplied in various sizes and materials, depending on the type of fluids being sampled, as well as the type of analysis being performed. These include IATA approved steel cans, glass bottles and HPDE plastic bottles and all container must adhere to International transport regulations to allow them to be safely transported by air, sea or road

Sampling Containers Sampling Containers Sampling Containers

Specialised Sampling Containers: It is not practical to provide all analyses at the wellsite and it is necessary to collect some samples in specialised containers for onshore laboratory testing. Core Lab provides Sulfinert coated cylinders for collection of pressurised gas and liquid samples for detailed sulphur speciation analysis. We also recommend pre-treated containers for collection of atmospheric liquid samples for mercury and arsenic testing.


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