Geothermal Exploitation

Mechanics of Fractures - Fracture Conductivity

Natural and artificial fractures from hydraulic and/or chemical stimulation of high temperature (>100°C) on low permeability crystalline rock are the main conduits to transfer heat to land surface by circulating water through the fracture network via injection and production boreholes. Determination of fracture conductivity and fracture aperture versus closure stress are important for fracturing design and establishing safe operating conditions.

Mechanics of Fractures

Fracture Conductivity Capability

Fracture Conductivity tests provide measurements as a function of:

  • Fracture Roughness
  • Fracture Alignment
  • Fracture Aperture
  • Circulating Fluids
  • Proppant Concentration
  • Proppant Types
  • Temperature
Fracture Conductivity

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