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Reservoir Fluids

Sample Storage

A number of Core Lab locations have a dedicated Sample Management Group which provides a wide range of sample management, sample storage and cylinder rental services. These services compliment our high quality laboratory analysis services and enables Core Lab to take full control and responsibility for a sample during its life cycle from collection through to disposal.

Sample Storage

Sample Storage:
Several of our larger locations operate customized sample storage facilities comprising a custom built storage warehouse. These facilities operate in compliance with local authority safety and fire service standards in addition to our own integrated QAHSE procedures.

Samples are housed in specific storage locations contingent with the sample and container type and this allows cataloging of all specific sample details tied to a specific location to facilitate easy sample tracking, identification and subsequent retrieval.

Sample Storage Sample Storage

Sample Management:
At the end of a reservoir fluid study, our Sample Management team perform a review of samples remaining and confirm long term storage requirements. Sample details are logged on to our customized data base and this allows a complete record of the sample history and volumes remaining during the period of storage.

In addition to providing storage of samples used for ongoing and completed studies at our laboratories, we can also provide a long term storage service for our customers by taking custody of all of their reservoir fluid samples and maintaining a complete sample inventory on their behalf. This provides storage of their samples at a single location in a safe controlled manner and regular sample inventories provides a summary of all samples in storage at any given time.

Sample Management Database:
Locations providing sample management services operate a database to log and monitor samples held in storage. These systems provide a client server architecture that provides real time status information and can be customized to provide multi user access.

The databases are used to log all sample details and client information which allows us to track the history, current status and location of any sample held in storage within a matter of seconds. This also provides a facility for providing customized client reports and to automatically generate monthly rental and storage invoices.

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