Hitting the Reset Button

A fresh look at perforation strategies, frac design, and casing integrity in today’s refocused energy environment.

Since the first ProTechTalk held at HFTC 2020, the Oil & Gas industry has reset significantly, re-emerging with a renewed focus on ROI and free cash flow. Now, we welcome back our original panel to provide an updated perspective on the technologies and strategies discussed in February of 2020 and how they fit in the industry’s new operating philosophy.

Topics include Extreme Limited-Entry (XLE), engineered perforating, casing/liner failures, stage lengths, and lateral length considerations.


Lucas Bazan – President, Bazan Consulting, Inc.
George King – Principal, GEK Engineering. PLLC
Paul Weddle – Vice President Completions & Production, Tap Rock Resources
Dick Leonard – Director of Engineering, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Laboratories)

Moderated by Buddy Woodroof – Technical Manager, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Lab)