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Rock Mechanics

Triaxial Press 40 Mpa 50°C

TRI-X 40/50

The TRI-X 40/50 is a cell specially designed to rock mechanics

The TRI-X 40/50 allows the user:

  • Having a quick and easy access to the sample after the total clean-up of the confining chamber.
  • Having a 360° sample access and on all the height of the TRI-X cell to avoid any issues during the sample installation.
  • Equipped with all suggested options, the TRI-X cell 40/50 can do following experimentations:
    • Permeability Measurement
    • Pore Bulk Measurement
    • Resistivity Measurement
    • Acoustic Resistivity Measurement P&S Waves
    • Axial Load Measurement
    • Radial Deformation
    • DeltaL/L Measurement
    • DeltaØ/Ø Measurement

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