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Client Feedback

Cliebt feedback

Client Feedback

Customer service is one of the cornerstones of our business. To demonstrate Saybolt’s commitment to provide a high quality service Saybolt invites their customers to provide their feedback with the service provided. This feedback is essential because it will allow Saybolt to monitor its performance and effectiveness. It also helps the company determine what is working well and where changes need to be made to improve the service.

All forms of feedback are encouraged, be it complaints, compliments or suggestions for improvement.

  • A compliment provides us with the type of feedback that can help us become aware of which of our behaviors are effective.

  • A complaint offers the business an opportunity to take remedial action, while occasional problems with services are, to some extent inevitable, dissatisfied customers are not.

  • A suggestion for improvement will assist us to maximize the effectiveness of our services

Contact us

If you wish to compliment us on our service, or you believe that our service has failed to meet the standards expected please enter your compliment, complaint or suggestion along with your contact details in the enclosed form and submit it accordingly.

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