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Crude Assay

Crude Assay

Crude data

Our crude oil assay data belong to the best in the world. Major oil companies will testify this. The high reliability of the crude descriptions is based on rigid quality control of the chemico-physical measurements, empowered by years of experience with data assessment and reporting to and discussing with the most critical and acknowledged clients.

Crude Assay Manual

We have gathered the experience and evaluation of hundreds of crude assays into a Crude Assay Manual: the reference for crude assay design and assessment. Experts of major oil companies contributed to its content and allowed us to consolidate most crude assay know-how built up by the oil industry over decades.

Crude Assay validation

We validates any crude assay laboratory data that you wil submit. The Crude Assay Manual guidelines for data assessment guarantee identification and possible repair of inconsistencies in the dataset. Such inconsistency may exist in the distillation curves, fractionation matches between atmospheric and vacuum distillation, the viscosity balances, mass balances of sulphur and nitrogen, pourpoint anomalies, etcetera. Let your data be checked on validity prior to input to modeling systems, or commercial publishing.

Crude simulation

We uses the Spiralsoft CrudeSuite to reconstruct for you complete assays out of sparse laboratory data. We can create commercial recuts through statistical modelling, predict the properties of crude blends, optimize blends for transport purposes, refinery optimization, product value maximization, or utilization of opportunity crudes.

Crude data management

We maintain, validate and update for you all property data of the crude oils of your interest. You will always have up-to-date and reliable information immediately available. You may evaluate on-line your crude blending scenario's, or let us do this for you. Targets blends can be checked in the laboratory in a very short timespan, due to the library of crude oils we keep in our store. Call us to discuss the possibilities of this unique service.

Know your crude oils

  • Full laboratory Crude Assays
  • Distillations from 2 - 200 liters
  • ASTM D2892 and D5236
  • Simdist with C/S/N detection
  • Accelerated potstill fractionation
  • Assessment of assay data
  • Reconciliation of errors and inconsistencies in 3rd party assays
  • Crude oil data management
  • On-line data access and blend options
  • Blend validation
  • Blend checks in the laboratory
  • Library of crude oils physically in stock


Ron van Rijswijk
Vlaardingen Crude Assay laboratory
3133 KT Vlaardingen
The Netherlands
tel: +31 10 4609 237

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