Integrate well and field specific data against thousands of wells from our global Joint Industry Projects for comparison to key performance indicators.

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  • Understand productivity potential in unconventional reservoirs  
  • Refine key practices for enhancing ultimate recovery 
  • Validate key reservoir parameters for exploration

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Asset Evaluation


Benchmarking against our extensive Joint Industry Project (JIP) data offers valuable insights to enhance your reservoir performance, pinpoint production limitations, and swiftly validate critical characteristics in a new field.

Shale Quality Reservoir Index

The Shale Quality Reservoir Index (SQRI) is a measure of the potential productivity of a mudstone reservoir. It is calculated by benchmarking against a variety of factors including organic content, permeability, and brittleness. The SQRI can be used to rank different mudstone reservoirs and identify targets for drilling and production. 

RAPID™ Analytics

Visualize and analyze data from various sources to discover insights, identify key performance factors and make informed decisions into the dynamic and complex controls of production performance and reservoir viability.